Moscow coworking - Mir
The modern work place near metro "Prospekt Mira"
Our coworking with the bright and quality design is located in the center of Moscow and created for the comfortable and productive work.
The solution for young professionals
Why coworking?
Coworking is the collaborative work place. It's perfectly suited for the young professionals who want to leave the homes and cafes but are not ready to rent their own office, yet.
Coworking is also a very good choice for the small teams who want to work together and save money on the rental costs.
Coworking "Mir" provides you with all the possibilities to earn money - unlimited fast internet, printer, scanner and the most important thing - comfortable work place.
Save your time
Save the time on daily commuting. We're located near the Ring metro line, between the Garden and Third Transport ring.
Work in comfort
We provide the comfortable work places and new furniture. Clean, contemporary design will help you focus on the work.
Work more efficiently
Work alongside the professionals. It's easy to focus and stop procrastinating.
Save money for yourself
We give you one of the best price offers in Moscow. If you're driving by car, you can park for free.
Begin working in Mir
Choose your place
We allow everybody to choose their own working place
Choose the payment period
We offer big discount if you pay by quarters
Prepay and start working
The place will be reserved for you for the whole prepaid period
Work places are available right now
Rubles per month if paid quarterly
(The price is valid till 25.12.2015)
Launch date
Offer details
We provide office places only after prepayment. One month costs 5000 rubles if prepaid by quarter (price valid till 25.12.2015) or 7500 rubles if prepaid by month.

Coworking space Mir provides you with fully functional work place.
Air vents and air conditioning work well to ensure the perfect temperature and airflow.
We also offer free tea, coffee and water.

Should you need the place to perform the business meeting or the conference we offer the conferencing room for 25 people with the projector and white board for only 1000 rubles/hour.

Smoking is prohibited in the coworking, but allowed near the entrance.
We have a grocery store near the building as well as plenty of dining options from 200 to 500 rubles.

If you have any questions please call us +7 916 6510510 (Ilya)
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